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Contact: Amber Waldeier
Phone: 816.415.2583
Email: amber@pillowpackproductions.com


A neck pillow you pack… INGENIOUS!

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, February 27, 2020 – PillowPack Productions LLC is excited to announce the full production launch of PillowPack, atypical luggage that utilizes the high dollar real estate of space around your neck. This allows you to invest in experiences rather than luggage fees.

PillowPack is disguised as a neck pillow so you can bring more on your flight—FREE OF CHARGE. It’s not considered your carry-on. It’s not considered your personal item. Think of it as an invisible suitcase… that you can sleep on.

When the Shark Tank Diversity Tour came to Kansas City, February 21, 2020, PillowPack was granted an audience with a Shark Tank Casting Executive. During pre-interview warmups,

PillowPack created a buzz with all of the other entrepreneurs and a resounding roar went up when I said, “Kiss luggage fees goodbye!”

Shark Tank pitch day!Manufactured in Kansas City, PillowPack is the first product to be released PillowPack Productions LLC, owned by Amber Waldeier, a degreed Graphic Designer, innovative home manager and part-time grief counselor. For more information and to see the range of accent colors, visit pillowpackproductions.com.

Amber Waldeier, Inventor
PillowPack Productions LLC