How to Pack a PillowPack:

Roll articles of clothing. Insert largest items into sides; smallest items at bend of U; and medium-sized items at neck. Choose items to suit your desired density. Toiletries & firm items can be rolled inside soft items.

Pack fully but do not overstretch. For more PillowPack Packing Tips visit Packed with Possibilities!

T-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, swimsuit, scarves & sweaters. Roll them tight & place to suit your neck comfort. 

Roll a toothbrush in your yoga pants. Tuck a granola bar just inside the zipper. Load your duty-free haul home. PillowPack is packed with possibilities!z

Caring for your Zipplicity Fabric:

Frequently asked Questions

  • Machine washable: Use cold water, Line dry.
  • Four-way stretch spandex for a tough long life.
  • Pack fully, do not over-extend fabric.
  • Pack to it’s 5 pound weight capacity.


Why Zipplicity?
The Zipplicity Pillow Pack differentiates from a standard neck pillow because it’s sewn to hold bulk, be packed, and unpacked endlessly.

How much weight can the Zipplicity Pillow Pack hold?
One PillowPack is sewn to hold a total of five pounds of weight distributed around the whole pillow. 

Is the clasp meant for my neck?

It is not safe to clasp the hook and O-ring around your neck. The clasp and o-ring are only meant for attaching to your suitcase or personal item while traveling.

Will my phone fit in the external pocket?
Yes, the largest phone on the market fits in the external pocket. Be sure to put the hood of the pocket over the top of the phone for a more secure fit. Zipplicity Un-Luggage is not responsible for any items lost while traveling.