Do you get obsessed with ideas? Does your brain just go in circles, working to go down every rabbit trail in order to nibble on every bit of creativity available?

That ‘s where I’m at right now!

I ponder while I should be asleep and daydream while I should be awake.

BUT, I am so thankful that God keeps give me new insights into how the PillowPack can be used… and how it can be marketed.

PillowPack Versatility

Here are all the ways I have thought of using the PillowPack:

  • General clothing to avoid luggage fees
  • Everything you need in case your checked luggage gets lost
  • Take unpacked and use for trip homesince it’s always challenging to pack a bag for the return trip
  • Take unpacked and use for souvenirs / gifts
  • Great accessory for hiking (for supplies and then a pillow)
  • When you have to spend a looong time in the waiting room at a hospital (doubles as a pillow)

PillowPack Marketing Ideation

While working on my presentation for Shark Tank, I had to encapsulated all of the benefits and greatness of PillowPack into 90 seconds!

I started thinking outside the box. That’s when I came up with the concept of  “atypical” luggage, an “invisible” suitcase, “disguised as a neck pillow” and my aunt thought of (un)luggage.

The thought evolution has been fun, amazing and invigorating!

Do you have any other ideas as to the benefits of the PillowPack? Share here or, better yet, share this post on your favorite social media and add your ideas.