Beats the Stuffing Out of the Old Design!

luggage and backpacks

Cancun is booked … but wait: we have to pay how much to bring carry-on suitcases? Seriously?

I was disheartened… to say the least. Our carry-on suitcases were going to cost $280 RT to go on vacation with us!

I had to find a more cost-efficient way for us to travel with the 2 kids if we wanted to take any excursions while in Cancun. (I tried to get the kids to agree to wearing multiple layers to avoid luggage! It didn’t work.)

 I lost serious sleep plotting. I was determined. I was searching for under-utilized space on an airplane.

Ah-ha. A neck pillow. It’s perfect! And thus, the PillowPack was born.

I started sketching designs.

Neck Pillow Sketches & Scratches

I began sewing samples, perfecting the pocket, the fabric, the latch, the image.

The First Neck Pillow

The contents that fit inside the first packable neck pillow.
The first packable neck pillow I sewed.

I started thinking this was a great invention. Is there anything out there like it?

I Googled all sorts of variations of the term “neck pillow” and  there was not a packable one out there!

I was shocked! No competition, so probably no patent out there, either.  It is a gift from God placed in our laps…or more accurately: on our necks!

Stay tuned. Next step is starting the patent process.