I can hardly sleep. Creativity is in my blood and this entrepreneur-inventor thing really has me hyped! My heath is back, I can do anything.

Friends have told me it is INGENIOUS!

I eat, drink, think, talk, sleep, DREAM ideas for my neck pillow. I am committed to this. I will seek to patent my neck pillow. 

I finally said it!

I’ve thought it since the idea [divinely] popped into my head.

I’ve asked for patent attorney referrals on FB. I keep Googling for foundational info and finally feel like I’m understanding more fully the concepts involved, like intellectual property and non-disclosures. 

Hiring a KC Patent Attorney

Sepembert 4th, I contacted three attorneys. Two were pessimistic killjoys. I chose the one who said he wanted to buy one! He believed in me, too. They all told me to not talk to anyone—even my family— about my idea. ‘Hush Hush’ is hard for me, I want to tell the world.

September 25 is my dear friend’s birthday. She died of cancer last year. This year on this day,  I will be doing something daring. 

I hired a patent attorney. 

I am so excited and I am so scared.

And distracted!! Wallet at home. U-turns, Need fuel, Empty crockpot cooking, etc, etc, etc!

p.s. Guess how much money I have in my saving account? Yep! The exact amount I need for this. Divine!

The day I met my patent attorney!