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Neck Pillow Takes Flight

Everything is coming together. It’s ready to take off.

On the 28th (September), after a process of searching – tweaking – searching – tweaking for available domain names, I finalized the name. Drum roll… PILLOWPACK!

Now to design a logo, find a local manufacturer and, oh yeah, apply to Shark Tank.

I’m developing so many new skills. Add to the list funding campaign and script writing. I researched funding platforms and went with Indiegogo.

On the Home Front

So much to do and I still have my normal mom&home&wife responsibilities.

The highlight of my day Sunday (October 6), was Graeme, my 7 year old, inventing and sewing his own long snake neck pillow. “It keeps your neck straight by giving your neck a hug while you lay in your bed sleeping.”

He asked me, “When I am done inventing, will you put this on my own dot com?” #futureinventor [Since I was about 9 or 10, I’ve always wanted to be an inventor.]

Did I say, sometimes sleep feels like a waste of time?

Sitting on Go

There was a hiccup in returning a form to my attorney, I’m trying to be all patient in waiting on the process: and his assistant hadn’t seen my email! They thought they were waiting on me.  EEK! Are we going to be able to file in time for our big vacation?

I’ve started packing and I don’t have the Number yet.

I have wanted this for so long, it’s a dream come true… but I had shut up that part of my heart for decades. I had been believing it was beyond me, believing it was too big, believing this was impossible.

The BIG Day

I am assigned a U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial Number just in time. We would have had to leave these treasures at home if that precious Number hadn’t arrived.

The fearsome foursome is ready to roll. Let’s put these babies to work!

Off to some fun and sand: I cannot wait to watch my kids’ faces when they see the ocean for the first time.