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PillowPack: (un)Luggage Marketing

Do you get obsessed with ideas? Does your brain just go in circles, working to go down every rabbit trail in order to nibble on every bit of creativity available?

That ‘s where I’m at right now!

I ponder while I should be asleep and daydream while I should be awake.

BUT, I am so thankful that God keeps give me new insights into how the PillowPack can be used… and how it can be marketed.

PillowPack Versatility

Here are all the ways I have thought of using the PillowPack:

  • General clothing to avoid luggage fees
  • Everything you need in case your checked luggage gets lost
  • Take unpacked and use for trip homesince it’s always challenging to pack a bag for the return trip
  • Take unpacked and use for souvenirs / gifts
  • Great accessory for hiking (for supplies and then a pillow)
  • When you have to spend a looong time in the waiting room at a hospital (doubles as a pillow)

PillowPack Marketing Ideation

While working on my presentation for Shark Tank, I had to encapsulated all of the benefits and greatness of PillowPack into 90 seconds!

I started thinking outside the box. That’s when I came up with the concept of  “atypical” luggage, an “invisible” suitcase, “disguised as a neck pillow” and my aunt thought of (un)luggage.

The thought evolution has been fun, amazing and invigorating!

Do you have any other ideas as to the benefits of the PillowPack? Share here or, better yet, share this post on your favorite social media and add your ideas.

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Neck Pillow Takes Flight

Everything is coming together. It’s ready to take off.

On the 28th (September), after a process of searching – tweaking – searching – tweaking for available domain names, I finalized the name. Drum roll… PILLOWPACK!

Now to design a logo, find a local manufacturer and, oh yeah, apply to Shark Tank.

I’m developing so many new skills. Add to the list funding campaign and script writing. I researched funding platforms and went with Indiegogo.

On the Home Front

So much to do and I still have my normal mom&home&wife responsibilities.

The highlight of my day Sunday (October 6), was Graeme, my 7 year old, inventing and sewing his own long snake neck pillow. “It keeps your neck straight by giving your neck a hug while you lay in your bed sleeping.”

He asked me, “When I am done inventing, will you put this on my own dot com?” #futureinventor [Since I was about 9 or 10, I’ve always wanted to be an inventor.]

Did I say, sometimes sleep feels like a waste of time?

Sitting on Go

There was a hiccup in returning a form to my attorney, I’m trying to be all patient in waiting on the process: and his assistant hadn’t seen my email! They thought they were waiting on me.  EEK! Are we going to be able to file in time for our big vacation?

I’ve started packing and I don’t have the Number yet.

I have wanted this for so long, it’s a dream come true… but I had shut up that part of my heart for decades. I had been believing it was beyond me, believing it was too big, believing this was impossible.

The BIG Day

I am assigned a U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial Number just in time. We would have had to leave these treasures at home if that precious Number hadn’t arrived.

The fearsome foursome is ready to roll. Let’s put these babies to work!

Off to some fun and sand: I cannot wait to watch my kids’ faces when they see the ocean for the first time.

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I Think I’ll Patent My Neck Pillow

I can hardly sleep. Creativity is in my blood and this entrepreneur-inventor thing really has me hyped! My heath is back, I can do anything.

Friends have told me it is INGENIOUS!

I eat, drink, think, talk, sleep, DREAM ideas for my neck pillow. I am committed to this. I will seek to patent my neck pillow. 

I finally said it!

I’ve thought it since the idea [divinely] popped into my head.

I’ve asked for patent attorney referrals on FB. I keep Googling for foundational info and finally feel like I’m understanding more fully the concepts involved, like intellectual property and non-disclosures. 

Hiring a KC Patent Attorney

Sepembert 4th, I contacted three attorneys. Two were pessimistic killjoys. I chose the one who said he wanted to buy one! He believed in me, too. They all told me to not talk to anyone—even my family— about my idea. ‘Hush Hush’ is hard for me, I want to tell the world.

September 25 is my dear friend’s birthday. She died of cancer last year. This year on this day,  I will be doing something daring. 

I hired a patent attorney. 

I am so excited and I am so scared.

And distracted!! Wallet at home. U-turns, Need fuel, Empty crockpot cooking, etc, etc, etc!

p.s. Guess how much money I have in my saving account? Yep! The exact amount I need for this. Divine!

The day I met my patent attorney!
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New Neck Pillow Design

Beats the Stuffing Out of the Old Design!

luggage and backpacks

Cancun is booked … but wait: we have to pay how much to bring carry-on suitcases? Seriously?

I was disheartened… to say the least. Our carry-on suitcases were going to cost $280 RT to go on vacation with us!

I had to find a more cost-efficient way for us to travel with the 2 kids if we wanted to take any excursions while in Cancun. (I tried to get the kids to agree to wearing multiple layers to avoid luggage! It didn’t work.)

 I lost serious sleep plotting. I was determined. I was searching for under-utilized space on an airplane.

Ah-ha. A neck pillow. It’s perfect! And thus, the PillowPack was born.

I started sketching designs.

Neck Pillow Sketches & Scratches

I began sewing samples, perfecting the pocket, the fabric, the latch, the image.

The First Neck Pillow

The contents that fit inside the first packable neck pillow.
The first packable neck pillow I sewed.

I started thinking this was a great invention. Is there anything out there like it?

I Googled all sorts of variations of the term “neck pillow” and  there was not a packable one out there!

I was shocked! No competition, so probably no patent out there, either.  It is a gift from God placed in our laps…or more accurately: on our necks!

Stay tuned. Next step is starting the patent process.