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  • Zipplicity – Fabric Suitcase, in Travel Gray

  • Two Pack | Travel Gray Fabric

  • Four Pack | Travel Gray Fabric

  • One of Each | Zipplicity – 10 Pack


A packable travel neck pillow saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

Zipplicity is a suitcase–disguised as a neck pillow!–so you can bring more.

Plane, train or automobile: You can bring more for your journey. Zipplicity allows you to keep your valuables close and carry more without a bag fee!

Over $50,000 saved *

224+ travelers & growing!


Example items to wrap’n’pack:

3 shirts, a pullover, leggings, a skirt, 4 pairs of socks, toothbrush, nail file, dental floss, a permanent marker, mascara, driver’s license, credit card, granola bar, hair brush, phone, lip balm, business card, travel itinerary, cash, & Color Street nails.

The Zipplicity PillowPack pays for itself on the first flight!*




the average bag check is
$100 and on the rise!


skip the baggage line


knowing all your belongings
are right there with you.

Is it comfortable?

Yes! Use the soft clothes you already planned to pack!

How much can I pack?

Zipp up to 5 pounds of travel essentials!

“Welcome to the world of carry-on only.”

Traveling can be expensive and stressful.

Yup – while it’s easier than ever to book a vacation, it’s also much more costly.  

Most travelers stuff as much as they can in their suitcase, arrive super early to the airport to check in their luggage, and pray it’s waiting for them once they land.

I created this product to save you time and money. You no longer need to pack as much in your suitcase, if you even bring one! Take back more of your time and enjoy your trip longer.

We have helped hundreds of travelers save on baggage fees and spend more time enjoying travel instead of at the airport. I would love for you to experience this freedom as well. 

Adventure on,

Creator of Zipplicity